The Perfect 3 Day Pattaya Itinerary For A Memorable Trip



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The poster boy of nightlife in Thailand, Pattaya needs no introduction. True to its fame, it guarantees action packed nights with its thundering party streets, raucous bars and electric atmosphere. Days are just as exciting, with its extreme adventures, golden sand beaches and tonnes of local attractions. If you want to experience the best of this city, check out our perfect 3 day Pattaya Itinerary.

Day 1

Lounge about on Pattaya Beach

The first thing most travelers do after landing in Pattaya is search for a patch of sand. Pattaya beach is the most popular one here, with plenty of sundecks by day and beach facing bars by night. The waters are calm and ideal for a dip.

They have designated swimming zones where you splash around to your heart’s content. Or you could just lounge about on the sand with some chilled passion fruit juice.

Marvel at the imposing Sanctuary of Truth
Sanctuary of Truth is an architectural masterpiece, with every inch of it made of wood. It’s a towering heritage monument reaching for the skies. Apart from the intricate work, the view from here will take your breath away.


It sits on the edge of a beach overlooking the ocean. A world away from the madness of the city, it is one of those places to enjoy some tranquil moments.

Entrance Fee: INR 1000/ USD 16

Get a bird’s eye view of the city at Pattaya View Point
Thailand can be pretty hot in the day, so why not cool off at Pattaya View point, the best place in the city for a birds eye view of Pattaya Bay. You can enjoy the cool breeze while taking some really nice snaps of the city.


Get entertained by Thailand’s famous ladyboys at the Alcazar Cabaret

In the world of cabaret shows, Alcazar is almost a legend. It’s an impressive show where staggeringly beautiful ladyboys in jazzy costumes amuse and entertain you. The 70 minute show is a cultural extravaganza with music, dance and funny impersonations of pop-celebrities.


The glamorous lighting and the booming sound system will make you feel like you are in a rock concert. Don’t miss this on your trip!

Cost: INR 850/ USD 13

Lose your senses partying at Walking Street

Walking Street pretty much stands for nightlife in Pattaya. The entire street is a like one giant nightclub on steroids. Yes, the madness here is unrivaled in all of Thailand.


Closed to traffic at night, the road stretching a km long is full of flashy bars, glamorous nightclubs, strip clubs, Muay Thai rings and open-air cafes. The sheer number of things to do here will boggle you. Just a walk along this street is itself an experience.

Day 2

Try out exciting watersports at Coral Island

A short speedboat ride away, Coral island is the hub for watersports in Pattaya. Whether you want to walk on the sea bed, zoom around on a Jet Ski, soar over the ocean by Parasailing or fall right into the ocean on a Banana Ride, Coral island has got it all.


Not a fan of watersports? No problem. The waters here are ideal for snorkeling with corals found right off the shore.

Cost: INR 4100/ USD 63

Click goofy pictures at Art in Paradise

A unique illusion art museum, Art in Paradise has walls painted with life-size 3D images which look like they might pop out anytime. Families traveling with kids will love this place as there are plenty of photo ops. Be at your goofiest!


Cost: INR 430/ USD 7

Gape in awe at the Golden Buddha at Wat Phra Yai
The highlight of the temple is a gigantic golden Buddha statue shimmering under the sun. It’s hard to miss if you’re around the area. Located on the top of a hill, golden dragons gliding around the stairs lead you to the top. Next to the big Buddha are many small golden Buddha’s in various postures.

Enjoy a cocktail while watching the sunset from Horizon Rooftop Bar
If you want to be away from the crazy parties for a night, you can find that peace and calm at the Horizon Rooftop bar.


With a laidback ambience, mellow neon blue lighting and an unadulterated view of Pattaya Bay, it’s a cool place to kick back with a cocktail and soak in the views. Come here early to witness a spectacular sunset.

Cost: Cocktails range from INR 540 to INR 3100/ USD 8 – USD 48

Feel the arctic cold at -5 Ice Bar
Walking into -5 Ice Bar is like entering the movie scenes of Ice age. Everything from the bar to the glasses to the seats are made of Ice.

You can warm yourself by gulping down some unique spirits like a single-malt whiskeys, top-end vodkas and special drinks like Hendricks Gin and Bundaberg Rum. Guess bottoms up won’t just be a game here, but rather a necessity.

Day 3

Get a taste of the local life at the Pattaya Floating Market
Few experiences are as authentic as visiting a floating market in Thailand. The one in Pattaya has hundreds of wooden houses floating in the water. Tasty Thai food is the major draw here.


You can take a boat and cruise along the market, check out souvenirs and art galleries or simply watch the locals in action.

Spend a day at the Nong Nooch Botanical Garden

A beautifully landscaped park with European themed gardens, walking through Nong Nooch is like a journey around the world. It’s so vast that you might need a bicycle to cover it completely in a day.


Its also part theme park with daily cultural shows like Thai dances, ancient drum performances, Muay Thai martial art bouts and elephant talent shows.

Cost: INR 2250/ USD 35

Get a dose of adrenaline from Skydiving, Bungee Jumping and Human Slingshot
If high voltage action is in your scheme of things, then look no further. Want to jump off a plane? Get shot in the air like Angry birds or dive off a platform 200 feet high? Thrill seekers can tick all these boxes in Pattaya.


Cost: Sky Diving – INR 21,900/ 338 USD, Bungee Jumping – INR 5000/ 78 USD, Human Slingshot – INR 2800/43 USD

Discover the underwater world by Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Prefer being water-borne than air-borne? Enter the underwater world by diving into the depths of the ocean. Swim through vibrant corals and colourful fishes by scuba diving and snorkeling.


If you want add some thrill to it, how about flying over the ocean like Iron Man and then plunging right into the water like Aqua man? Flyboarding is the new rage across the world.

Propelled by rocket boosters strapped to your feet, you hover over the water. Once you get a hang of it, you can twist, turn and pull off all kinds of stunts before diving in.

Cost: Flyboarding – INR 5280/41 USD, Scuba Diving – INR 7800/120 USD

Chill with a drink at Beach Road Soi 7
The nightlife at Beach road Soi 7 is in stark contrast to the craziness associated with Pattaya. The area houses mainly chilled out bars. The drinks are cheaper and the music is mellower. If you want a quiet night with a drink in hand, check out this place.

Day 4

Swing through the rainforest at breakneck speeds by Ziplining

Experience the rainforest in a unique way, by zooming from one tree-top to another, Tarzan style. The zipline course includes tonnes of wooden sky bridges built high over the forest floor. The adventure also includes a complementary tram tour to the Khao Kheow Open Safari Park, a zoo!


Cost: INR 7199/ USD 112

Discover outright shocking things about the world at Ripley’s Believe it or Not
Fan of the weird and the quirky?Well, this place has enough to give you the creeps – a mask made from human skin, a real shrunken human head, a wax figure of a 4 eyed man, it’s got it all and more.

And it’s not just about haunting displays, you can check out amazing things like a replica of the Titanic made using a million matchsticks. A day here will change your entire perception about our planet.

Cost: INR 1000/ USD 16

Get those tan lines at Jomtien Beach
If you want a patch of sand all to yourself, then Jomtien beach is the way to go. It’s cleaner than Pattaya beach and draws lesser crowds.


Shop and taste the yummy Thai food at the Thepprasit Night Market

This market is Pattaya’s best street shopping experience with its bustling stalls, loud music, pop up cocktail bars and street performers. You get everything from fake designer watches, copied DVD’s, original and fake clothing, T-shirts and summer ware to handbags and cosmetics.

If you don’t love shopping, there are around 80 stalls here selling noodles, barbecued meats, spicy salads, salted fish and other Asian delicacies. Enough to drive your palate into a frenzy.


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