2019 Zero Motorcycles SR/F e-bike launched – RM77k



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Another electric motorcycle has entered the market, the 2019 Zero Motorcycles SR/F, with pricing starting at USD 18,999 (RM77,350). What sets the Zero SR/F apart is the Scotts Valley, California based firm claims its latest e-bike will hit speeds of up to 200 km/h and can be recharged from zero to 95% battery capacity in an hour, depending on options.

Power for the SR/F comes from a Z-Force 75-10 air-cooled permanent magnet motor rated at 110 hp at 5,000 rpm with 189 Nm of torque available from zero rpm. The electric motor is supplied by lithium-ion battery packs which come in two options – 6.0 or 3.0 kW – with a maximum capacity of 14.4 kWh.

Charging time for the SR/F is claimed to be 2.5-hours for the 6.0 kW battery pack while the 3.0 kW pack takes 4.5 hours to come to a full charge. However, use of the Rapid Charge option from Zero Motorcycles reduces charging time to 1.5-hours and 1.8 hours for the 6.0 kW and 3.0 kW batteries, respectively.

Motive power for the SR/F is clutchless direct drive with final drive to the rear wheel using a HTD carbon belt. Zero Motorcycles claims this is good enough to propel the SR/F to a maximum range of 321 kilometres with the optional range extending Power Tank installed and 259 kilometres in city use.

However, if the Power Tank is omitted, range drops to 159 kilometres at a speed of 89 km/h for highway use. Increasing speed to 113 km/h further drops the range to 131 kilometres, with a best of 175 kilometres in a 50-50 mix of highway and city riding.

With a curb weight of 207 kg in standard trim and 225 kg in premium specification, the SR/F falls nicely into the median for the average weight of a typical modern naked sports bike with seat height set at 790 mm. Suspension is with fully-adjustable Showa 43 mm Big Piston Separate Function forks and Showa fully-adjustable monoshock at the back.


There are four ride modes available – street, sport, Eco and Rain – with a further 10 customised modes to suit rider preference. Inside the cockpit is a full-colour 5-inch TFT-LCD display running in conjunction with the Cypher III app that allows for connectivity to the rider’s smartphone that shows stats such as charging time, navigation and bike status.

Two versions of the 2019 Zero Motorcycles SR/F are available. The standard version, priced from USD 18,999 (RM77,350) and the premium, which comes with fly screen, heated grips and aluminium bar ends at USD 20,995 (RM85,496).

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