OPPO Teases 10x Lossless Zoom Technology Ahead of MWC 2019



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MWC 2019 is set to kick off in just a few more days. While all major smartphone brands are prepping for their big debut during the annual convention, OPPO has decidedly begun teasing fans with information about its long-awaited 10x Lossless Zoom technology.

The Chinese smartphone maker began posting details about the technology via its official Twitter account. These tweets come in form of slides, with one specific slide briefly explaining how the technology works.

It says that the technology uses a combination of a wide-angle lens, an ultra-clear main camera, and a telephoto lens combo. Both the latter two lenses are equipped with OIS. Technically allowing them to take clearer pictures while zoomed in, minus the dreaded blur effect that usually accompanies such shots.

This is also the most amount of detail that OPPO has released about its secretive 10x Lossless Zoom technology. Prior to the tweets, the only thing we knew about the technology was that it was developed by cooperation with CorePhotonics. And that it uses a 90° angular prism that directs light into a “vertically positioned camera sensor”.

OPPO will be revealing more details about the imaging technology ahead of MWC 2019. As pointed out in its own tweet, it appears that the brand will be hosting its own keynote on 23 February 2019, which is a couple of days before MWC 2019 kicks off. Hopefully, we’ll have more details about it then.

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