Bonus Bears Online Slot Game In 918 Kiss


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This post i going to intro one of the best online slot game in 918kiss app. If you are a slot game lover, click on 918kiss to install to your smartphone.
Bonus Bears slot game is a 5 reel, 25 payline offering that has colorful and fun graphics to enjoy. The quiet chirping of the birds, as they hang out peacefully with the Bonus Bears jackpot winners in the forest creates an infinitely playable scenario.
The graphics are cute and funky characters. There’s the laughing redheaded park ranger, along with a gas masked up squirrel who seems to be ready for anything. There’s an angry looking bee, or is it a wasp? I can never tell the difference between the two.
The bears delight, the bees nest, full of hardworking bees creating all that honey is the scatter symbol and will trigger the honey feature.
Though the game looks simple on the surface it’s a lot of fun to play because of all the different options it presents to players. From being able to choose between different bet levels and bet lines used from 1 to 25, to gambling with winnings, there is almost always something for players to do in this game. Not only that, but the special win honey bonus feature adds yet another element to the game. You could turn the game on autoplay to keep the reels spinning.
At last, i would like to intro the best slots app in-making  for you guys, you can find lot of fun and addicted in 918kiss this slot games app!

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