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Here are the top 10 things to know when planning your trip.

When to go to Istanbul ?
As you know, Istanbul is a popular tourist destination. So, if you are planning your visit during peak holiday seasons or at festival times, make sure that you book the best hotels with their best room rates. To find out when are the high seasons you should check the weather in Istanbul.

Where to find information about Turkish visa?
Find out if you need a visa to enter Turkey. For the best and newest information you can always check out the webpages of the Ministry ofForeign Affairs of Turkey or contact the Turkish consulate in your country.

Which airport should I land?


There are 3 airports in Istanbul. But one of them, Hazerfen Airport, is a private airport. The other 2 airports’ names are Atatürk Airport (in Yeşilköy on the European Side of the city) and Sabiha Gökçen Airport (located on the Asian Side of the city).

Transportation in Istanbul


Use public transportation during your stay. It’s safe and convenient. Istanbul’s public transportation offers trams, metros, metrobuses, funiculars, cable car, shared taxis (dolmuş) ferries and seabuses.

Sightseeing in Istanbul
Take your walking shoes with you. You can enjoy Istanbul by walking. Plan your route between landmarks.

What to wear in Istanbul?


You can wear anything you would wear on a trip to any European city. European dress styles are predominant but you headscarf is also freely and commonly worn. Wear appropriate clothing when you are visiting mosques and tombs which will be provided to you by the attendants at the entrance.

Carry coins. Carry small change to tip the attendant or use any kind of automat and you will never be caught short.

As in any busy and crowded city, take care of your personal belongings in crowded places and make sure you don’t leave them on the bus, tram or metro or in your taxi.

Shopping in Istanbul
If your travel plans include a lot of shopping, Istanbul is the right place. Its shopping malls, streests full of shops, bazaars, historical Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar might interest you. Try to bargain with the sellers. Have Turkish Liras in your pocket even though a lot of the places except Euros or Dollars. You can find many more details about shopping in Istanbul, here. Keep your budget in your mind and enjoy the experience.

Food in Istanbul


And foods… There are thousands of food places in Istanbul and offer you the bests of the world cuisine as well as the traditional Turkish and Ottoman cuisine. If you are asking for more information on what to eat and where to eat you can see our page called taste. Choose one of them that suits your budget and your taste and enjoy your meal.


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