5 Mistakes People Make on a 1st Trip to Phuket

Classic Mistakes You Should Avoid in Phuket

Phuket is an easy-going safe destination with so much to see, do and eat! Here are a few tips to ensure a safe and happy holiday, mostly based on the daily questions we get from readers around the world and some common sense. But this page is also meant to make sure you don’t miss out during your holiday in Phuket!

Mistake 1 – Eat only Pad Thai


Yes, Pad Thai is excellent, and you finally can get one, or three! But remember to be adventurous and try a different dish every day! Thai cuisine is varied, affordable and Phuket is famous for its excellent seafood. So go around the island and try food you never tried before!

Mistake 2 – Ignoring the Red Flags on the Beach!


Swimming during monsoon is a serious matter, people drawn on a weekly basis and it’s not how you want to end your holidays. Rip currents are treacherous, and no matter how good you think you can swim, you will probably not win. Red flags mean NO SWIMMING. Yellow and red flags indicate that you can swim between the flags where lifeguards are on duty.

Mistake 3 – Not bargaining, or bargain too much!


Everyone knows that bargaining is part of the shopping experience in Thailand, but you don’t bargain everywhere. On the market, you may start at 60-70% of the demanded price and go as you feel comfortable. But don’t even consider bargaining at the convenience store or in a shopping mall! You should bargain for your bike rental, mainly if you rented it for several days, but not international car rent brands.

Mistake 4 – Forget to tip, or tip too little.


In ‘real’ restaurants, the ones that bring a written bill, a 10% tip is appreciated but not compulsory if you are happy with the service. Usually, restaurants already include a 10% service charge, so you don’t have to feel bad about not leaving one. However, everyone leaves a little something since the staff is not paid very high in those jobs. A tip is not expected in street restaurants. If you go on a tour and you are happy with your day out, leave 100 baht to your tour guide, don’t be cheap by giving a 20 (20 baht is half a dollar !)

Mistake 5 – Underestimate the sun on day One!


The breeze is cool, and the sea is warm. It’s so easy to get carried away and enjoy a sunny day, especially if you are escaping the cold winter of your country. But don’t be fooled, that sun is mean, and one thing is sure: if you get a severe sunburn on day one, it will ruin your potential suntan! So do wear a good sunscreen, it is easy to buy from everywhere, even 7-11!


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