the bonbon collection by richard mille is a rebellious set in acid-bright colors that brings the watches into a new realm of graphic, emotional and chromatic expression. comprised of 10 models — each produced in an edition of 30 pieces — the watches articulate a sweet and tangy new vision in watchmaking. featuring candies, pastries and fruits, the collection revisits three of the brand’s iconic models — the RM 07-03, RM 16-01 and RM 37-01 — to offer a ticket back to childhood.


with a deep understanding of how tinted ceramics behave and an expertise in altering materials like carbon TPT® and quartz TPT, the bonbon collection by richard mille is manufactured with the brand’s superior technical standards. the pieces feature colored gemstones and a finely tuned eye for detail offering a wealth of shades and textures. lastly, the crowns and some of the case bands, for instance, take the shape of particular treats, such as cupcakes or gelatos.


applying the science of materials and textures to the realm of confectionary, richard mille has embarked on a vast collection of delicious and powerfully evocative pieces. whether in the sweet or fruit line, every watch in the bonbon collection is mouth-wateringly appetising, and promises a moment of horological ecstasy.

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