Singapore is, without any doubts, the most developed and urbanized country in Asia, if not in the entire world! I am sure you will be able to feel this too when you discover this unique country-city. In this article I have made a round-up of the best things to do in Singapore!


In case you want to travel to Singapore, continue reading in order to find out more about the best spots to visit while in Singapore as well as how to save significant sums of money on sightseeing and restaurants during your vacation!

In this article, you will find out about what to do and where to go in Singapore, as well as tips and tricks for getting around in the city and for saving money for the tickets to Singapore attractions, where to stay, as well as where to eat!

Here are my TOP 5 things to do in Singapore:



The Garden Rhapsody is a show held in Gardens by the Bay every evening. The futuristic-looking Marina Bay SuperTrees or “mushrooms” are lighted up in fabulous ways on the rhythm of the music. Every detail is perfectly tuned to create an atmosphere that will give you a fantastic feeling of wonder and stimulate your mind!

Even if it is your second, third or tenth trip to Singapore, I definitely recommend you to come back and see the Gardens by the Bay Light Show as they change the program pretty often and I truly believe this is one of those places to see in Singapore at least once in your lifetime! The first time I went there, the theme was built around popular European music. When I came back 2 years later, the show was completely different and they played Chinese songs. But the atmosphere was just as spectacular!

I think everyone should see the SuperTree Grove light show and the Marina Bay Gardens, as it really went beyond my expectation and imagination and it is one of the top things to do in Singapore! It is one of my dreams to take my parents there now!

TIP: The show runs twice a day: at 7:45 PM and 8:45 PM and it is around 15 minutes long. Make sure to come a bit in advance, so you can have the coolest spot with the best view! Please check this link for the updated schedule, sometimes they change the show hours.

HOW TO GO TO GARDENS BY THE BAY: Take the MRT and get down at Bayfront station.

By the way, all the outdoors shows are free in Singapore, which makes them perfect to add on your list of things to do in Singapore on a budget, for example the next one:


The Marina Bay Sands Light Show is an amazing choreography of singing fountains and projections shown on their splashes, so this is one of those great things to do in Singapore at night! You will see that there are bubbles everywhere and you will be impressed to find out that this holiday atmosphere goes on every day, so make sure not to miss this attraction while in Singapore! This is also a great activity to add to your Singapore budget trip itinerary, as it is completely free to see it!


Show times:

Sunday to Thursday: 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM
Friday & Saturday: 8:00 PM, 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM

NOTE: The show is 15 minutes long. The times of the show might change, please double check here before going.

The best location to see the Marina Bay Sands show is on the left side when you are facing the Louis Vuitton store. Here is another way to explain it: just go outside from the main exit of the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall and you will find yourself right in the center of the show!


PRO TIP: Did you already see the timings of both shows? You can easily plan to see both shows (the SuperTree Grove and the Spectra light show) in 1 day if you want to. It only takes about 12-15 minutes by foot to get from Spectra to the Super Tree Grove. Just follow the signs!



The Singaporeans have created a whole new concept called The Cloud Forest that implies planted walls and artificial waterfalls and it is something absolutely surreal!

Even if you only have one day in Singapore, I think it is worth it to visit the Cloud Forest! While you are here, you can learn about rare plants, take some great pictures, enjoy a magnificent view of the Marina Bay Sands and just walk around this mysterious world built by man. The Cloud Forest also features a 35-meter high hill (in the picture above) covered in lush vegetation, which is also the world’s tallest indoor waterfall! How cool is that?



I really love parks and botanical gardens and I think I went to one in almost every country I visited!

The Botanical Garden in Singapore is such a beautiful park! You can wander on its alleys and get lost between the trees and the entire area full of endless species of plants. There are 314 species of plants, 3 lakes, and 47 heritage trees hosted in the Garden and I recommend you take your time to explore as much as you can!

The Botanic Gardens feel modern, fresh and ordered. Then, out of nowhere, you can just wake up with a huge Asian water monitor lizard in front of you!

The entrance to the Botanic Gardens is free of charge and you should totally add it to your to-do list if you are spending, let’s say, 5 days in Singapore!


I also recommend you visit the National Orchid Garden Singapore for $5. Unless you are some kind of Orchid expert, you will discover a gazillion new types of orchids (600 species!) which offer a sweet synthesis of visual beauty and matching fragrance!

I definitely recommend you visit the National Orchid Garden for the various types of orchids that are presented and the great photo opportunities! We took hundreds of beautiful pictures and I would definitely go back there one day!

The National Orchid Garden is inside the Botanic Gardens, but you have to use the Tyersall Gallop Entrance.

HOW TO GET THERE: Take the MRT and get down at Botanic Gardens station.



28 hectares of animals living in their natural-like habitat! Can you imagine it?

During your visit to Singapore Zoo, you will see otters, pygmy hippos, giant crocodiles, lions, zebras, rhinoceros, orangutans, and many, many other animals!

The Zoo is a big complex with 4 options that you can choose from:

Singapore Zoo – the place where you will see more than 2.800 animals representing over 300 species of mammals, birds, and reptiles.
Jurong Birds Park – it hosts 5.000 birds across 400 species and it is actually one of the largest free-flying aviaries in the world!
Night Safari – here you can see over 1.000 animals in their natural nighttime habitat.
River Safari – one of the world’s largest collections of freshwater fauna, where there are hosted more than 6.000 animals including 40 threatened species.

Of course, you can visit all of them if you have time, or you can choose the ones that look more interesting for you. I went for a classic option (just the Zoo), but I’ve heard the Night Safari is also pretty cool!


Jurong Bird Park is another great place where you should go and even the biggest bird park in entire Asia! This place hosts around 400 species of birds (almost 1/5 of them being endangered) living in their natural habitats! For example, you can go to the Flamingo Lake to see colorful, adorable flamingoes and to the Waterfall Aviary in order to admire the coolest, tallest artificial waterfall!

If you would like to save some money on tickets, try to buy them at least a week in advance. There are also some MyFave or Klook promotions available from time to time, so it is worth it to check before buying your ticket!



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