Okay so this title is a little mis-leading. There’s no such thing as a perfect Bali vacation itinerary because the reality is there is SO FREAKING MUCH to do on this beautiful paradise island. That being said, I’m a firm believer that there is the perfect Bali itinerary for YOU and your trip.

Whether you’re traveling to Bali on a honeymoon, on a solo trip, or with a group of friends, there is so much to see and do that it can be a little overwhelming thinking about how exactly your vacation is going to flow, and how you’re going to travel from each area of the island to the next, seeing as much as possible while maximizing every second in Bali!

Which is where I come in. I’ve had way too many people tell me how on their first trip to Bali they ended up shuttling around the island most of the time trying to see too much, rather than maximizing their time by understanding the map of the island, and what’s doable in a short time. And I don’t want that to happen to you guys!! If there’s one thing I can guarantee you about Bali, it’s that you are always going to want more time here.


So – I wanted to lay out FOUR amazing Bali itineraries that , in my world, are the ideal Bali vacations. These four different itineraries maximize time in different areas of Bali based on the type of trip you’re going for. And they all are dreamy Bali trips. I’ve based from Bali off and on for over a year now, so I’ve gotten to know the island pretty well, and I love having friends visit to show them all of my favorite parts of the island. These are the different itineraries and recommendations I lay out when my friends visit, to make sure I’m showing them the best of the best of Bali, so I wanted to share them with you all!


I chose 9 days for these itineraries because that basically means you are traveling to Bali with one week off work and two weekends. You can do a ton in 9 days here, so it’s a great amount of time to spend if you can’t take 2 full weeks off work. These itineraries focus on three different types of Jetset Bali vacations: the ‘Vacation Mode’, the ‘Island Hopper’, the ‘Luxe Lovers’ and the ‘Total Disconnect’. Of course, you should tweak these trip layouts to what works with your group and your ideal travel schedule (and check out my Ultimate Bali Guide for all the best places to eat, places to stay, and things to do in each area of Bali!). You can also always message me on Instagram with any specific questions for your trip, as well! I love talking to you guys all about Bali!!!


The Vacation Mode Bali Tour

9 Days in Bali

This is the ideal Bali itinerary for: Groups looking to have a great time on the island while seeing as much as possible. Groups of friends looking to party, and soak up the culture too. Solo travelers looking to meet people in Bali. Anyone traveling to Bali for the first time.

Day 1 – 3: Canggu

Spend a few days soaking up the hip surfer town of Canggu. Canggu has it all – from a low-key boho beach vibe, to bustling cafes, bougie sunset lounges, a super-trendy foodie scene, and absolutely everything in-between. It’s one of my very favorite areas of Bali, and I’m not alone – Canggu has quickly become the most popular area to visit for expats and tourists alike! I love this chic little beach town so much that it’s where I base from much of the time when I’m not traveling, so if some of these places sound familiar from my instagrams and instagram stories, that’s why! 🙂

Where to eat + drink in Canggu: Crate Cafe for breakfast, Mason for dinner, TYGR Sushi for the best sushi in town, Fish Bone Local for chic fish n’ chips, Gaya Gelato for the most amazing gelato you’ve ever had (I always order the passionfruit and the chocolate), Mai Tai for poke, The Lawn or La Brisa for sunset cocktails, and Old Man’s for casual beers (and a rowdy Wednesday night party) .

Where to stay in Canggu: Villas are always an awesome choice in Canggu. If you’re going the hotel route, I recommend COMO or The Slow.

What to do in Canggu: Surf, get massages, shop, and just hang out. Canggu is laid-back and awesome. It’s mainly ex-pats that live here, which makes for a ton of really cool spots.

On your last day in Canggu, make moves to Uluwatu (about an hour away).

Day 4 – 6: Uluwatu


Where to stay in Uluwatu: The Edge or Anantara if you’re a couple (it’s dreeeamy), Hidden Hills Villas for an awesome villa for a couple or a small group, S Resorts if you want basic-but-nice accommodations and easy access to the best beach clubs like Omnia and Ulu Cliffhouse.

Where to eat + drink in Uluwatu: Sunset and bites at Single Fin (if you’re there on a Sunday night, be sure to stay for their big rowdy Sunday night world-famous dj party), fresh fish dinner on the beach on Bingin Beach (just show up after sunset and there are a ton of casual fresh options right on the beach that will grill up the fish right in front of you!).

What to do in Uluwatu: Uluwatu Temple, Bingin Beach, Thomas Beach, Omnia Day Club, Ulu Cliffhouse Day Club, Sundays Beach Club, Sunsets at Single Fin


Day 6 – 9: Ubud
Spending the end of your trip in zen Ubud will be a welcome break from the more party cultures of Canggu and Uluwatu. Not to mention it’s most people’s favorite area when they come and visit Bali! There is just something about Ubud’s magic that keeps everyone wanting more. And will quickly have you wanting to change your flight to have more time 🙂


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