New OnePlus 7 Leak Reveals Mysterious And Stunning Technology


Taking the next step and removing any visible sensors at the top of the screen is an obvious call, but leads to a number of discussion points. The first and obvious question to me is where OnePlus will mount the forward facing selfie camera. It could be that the OnePlus 7 will have a pop-up camera lens (such as the Vivo Nex S) or a fully sliding rear plate (found in Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3) that exposes the sensors.
If OnePlus decides to push the edge to be ‘first’ with new technology, we may see the Shezhen-based company use new screen technology pioneered by Samsung Display to mount the selfie camera in the screen. Forbes’ Jean Baptiste reported on a presentation made by the South Korean company to its Chinese partners in October last year:

At the event, Samsung notably talked about several cutting-edge in-display technologies that will help smartphone makers create the perfect full-screen device and definitely put an end to the era of smartphones with front notches, first seen on the Essential Phone and popularized by the iPhone X.

Among the advanced products that the Korean electronics giant showed were an under-the-screen fingerprint sensor (FoD, for Fingerprint on Display), sound speakers integrated to the display (SoD, for Sound on Display), in-display haptic feedback (HoD, for Haptic on Display) and a revolutionary technology that will let the front camera and other facial recognition sensors work despite being underneath the display (UPS, for Under Panel Sensor).

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