International Friendlies- 29 May 03:00am France vs Italy (Football tips)


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Team information:

No surprise that France have a lot of superstar player. Beside defender Raphael Varane haven’t get back to the team, the rest player already join the squad. For Ireland, they are not qualify to enter World Cup. But Ireland team level and quality consider okay, they are not playing too bad. If you look back the history match when the play against France, they never get single big lose games.

Team analysis:

France give 1.5-2 balls to Ireland in this match. This odds is good enough for France. Apparently France is far more better than Team Ireland, no doubt France can easy score up to 2 goals in this match. Since early market odds from 1.5 increase to 1.5-2 balls, you can see how confident bookie to put the trust on France. So, neither do i. Let’s all in your money in France!

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Take France – 1.5-2 (5 Star)

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