Champions League Final- 27 May 02:45am Real Madrid vs Liverpool (Football tips)


Finally, the Champions League Final going to start soon. After i spend some times to analyse this match, so here’s the outcome i would like to share with you all. Please subscribe my blog to find out the latest information about the football tips. Tony88 Malaysia sportsbook is one of the best online casino Malaysia. What are you waiting for? Sign up member today and create your own sportsbook now!

Team information:

Real Madrid

Real Madrid didn’t play well in this season and their performance could describe as disaster. And they 17 points behind from Barcelona and get 3rd position in this season. The manager Zinedine Zidane also tells the media that they will fully focus on Champions League and he try his best to secured the champion and get the 3 times Champions League title! First of all, Cristiano Ronaldo is the key player to play in this match, so his form is the essential in this game. Althought forward Karim Benzema always in low profile, but he still have the potential to fight against the team. For Gareth Bale, he’s not sure to play in first team squad. If he play for substitute, he also have the ability to twist the game. The duo defender Sergio Ramos and Raphaël Varane are perform well so far in this season, goal keeper Keylor Navas also doing good in this season. So if the team got no make any mistake, i think Real Madrid can win the Champions League title!


For Liverpool, they from playoff match fight until Champions League final. Besides, the winger Mohamed Salah play outstanding in this season, Liverpool is so underrated in Champions League! By the way, The another attacker like Roberto Firmo and Sadio Mane also try to assist more chance to convert goal for Mohamed Salah. Since defender Virgil van Dijk transfer to Liverpool, the defend role become more solid and the goal keeper Loris Karius also settled well and he is the number one goal keeper in the club. Another good news for Liverpool is the defensive midfielder Emre Can already fully recover from injuries and he also include in the first team squad.

Team analysis:

Real Madrid give 0-0.5 balls to Liverpool in this game. In my opinion, no doubt Real Madrid have the experienced to play in big game. Definitely they have the advantages to win the Champions League. But Liverpool is a special club, they can play really good when come against big club. I suspect that Liverpool can raise the title to end Real Madrid conquer the Champions League title.

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Take Real Madrid + 0-0.5 (4 Star)

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