English Premier League- 29 Apr 23:30pm Manchester United vs Arsenal (Football tips)


This is the Super Sunday game and also the match of the day i would like to share to you all, which is Manchester United vs Arsenal. Please subscribe my blog to get the latest information about the football tips. Tony88 Malaysia sportsbook is one of the best platform for you to place your bet in football games. Don’t missed the good chance to sign up member today and start your profit earning day!

Match analyse:

If Manchester United want to keep in top 4 at this season, they just need to get another 1 or 2 points, but if they want to remain at 2nd position, they still need to try their best to win the rest of the match. And their only target in this season is to prepare the match to play in English FA Cup final, but this competition is held at 19 May, so Manchester United will use the strong squad to against the opponent in English Premier League game. By the way, this is also the attacking midfielder Alexis Sanchez to against his former club.

For Arsenal, they just get a draw match in Europa League semifinals match against Atletico Madrid. So they must score at the second leg no matter what, then they can only have the chance to play in Europa League final match. So this is the difficult choice for the manager. But since Arsenal already out of Top 4, apparently Arsenal might rotate some player to play in this rival match.

So Manchester play in Old Trafford in this match, obviously they will play with the strongest squad against Arsenal. Arsenal have to play in Europa League against Atletico Madrid, definitely they won’t play in full team. Manchester United give 1-1.5 balls to Arsenal in this match, i think Manchester United can win in this match because Arsenal seldom win against Manchester United in away team, some more Arsenal have to keep energy to play in the second leg match in Europa League. In my opinion, i think Manchester United can win in this match but they won’t win against the odds, so take Arsenal and the final result might can be 2-1.

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Take Arsenal + 1-1.5 (4 Star)

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