Champions League- 11 Apr 02:45am Manchester City vs Liverpool (Football tips)


This is the second leg game of Champions League match i would like to share with you guys, which is Manchester City vs Liverpool. Please subscribe my blog to get the latest information about football tips if you like my post. Tony88 Malaysia sportsbook is one of the best online casino Malaysia that you can put your trust and rely on it. What are you waiting for? Sign up member and enjoy the high bonus to win money from now on!

Team information:

Manchester City

  • After Manchester City lose 0-3 to Liverpool in first leg match and they lose 2-3 to Manchester United in last Premier League game too.
  • The club been rest few player during the last Premier League match, which is midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, striker Sergio Agüero and Gabriel Jesus. And this is their first game lose in home match.


  • Liverpool had 13 times unbeatable in Champions League and they get 6 clean sheet match.
  • Manager Jurgen Klopp is the one of the person who win Guardiola the most.
  • Liverpool has draw against Everton at last Premier League match. And manager Jurgen Klopp rest couple of player in this match and focus on this Champions League game.

Team analysis:

Manchester City has lose 0-3 in the first leg match of Champions League, they are hopeless to score more than 4 goals in second leg match. Besides, they lose to Manchester United in Premier League game as well. Manchester City give 1-1.5 balls to Liverpool in this match. If you look at this odds, apparently the bookie is confident in Manchester City. In my opinion, i think Manchester City can win against Liverpool in this match but it won’t against the odds given out, so i prefer you all to take Liverpool.

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Take Liverpool + 1-1.5 (5 Star)

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