International Friendlies- 24 Mar 22:00pm N.Ireland vs South Korea (Football tips)


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Now i’m just straight forward to simplify how this match goes! Northern Ireland is now at 26th position while South Korea now is at 58th position. Apparently the home team Northern Ireland is way stronger and better than the away team South Korea. Northern Ireland just get 1 draw and 3 lose matches in recent 4 games. For South Korea, they perform quite well, they get 5 win and 3 draw games in recent 8 matches. This is the level odds match. If you look at the odds market, the plate display that the odds more to support the away team and it slightly high odds for the home team. At the same time, thi odds is not too good because for Northern Ireland, South Korea is not consider the big challenger for them, so i think Northern Ireland might hard to win in this match, so i going to put my support on South Korea and they will surprise and win in this game.

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Take South Korea level (4 Star)

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