Champions League- 07 Mar Liverpool vs FC Porto (Football Tips)


Here’s the Champions League round of 16 second leg match, which is Liverpool vs FC Porto. Subscribe my blog to get the latest information about the football tips. Tony88 Malaysia sportsbook is one of the best online casino Malaysia. Don’t missed the good chance to sign up member and start your own sportsbook today!

Team information:


  • Liverpool still never defeated in their home games and there is only 2 team never defeated in English Premier League, which is Liverpool and Manchester City.
  • Liverpool did won 2-0 against Newcastle United. And Mohamed Salah did scored another goals in last Premier League match, he already break striker Luis Suarez record and he’s the first top scorer in Liverpool. At the same time,Mohamed Salah and Harry Kane also the top scorer in English Premier League.

FC Porto

  • FC Porto  won 2-1 against Sporting Lisbon. And they already get 6 win match in a row in Portugal Primeira Liga. And they are on top of the league.
  • Although FC Porto is playing well in Portugal Primeira Liga, but they lose to Liverpool 0-5 in first leg of Champions League.

Team analysis:

Liverpool has won 5-0 against FC Porto in Champions League away team. Basically FC Porto can’t do anything and we don’t have what formation Liverpool going to play in this match. Liverpool give 1-1.5 balls to FC Porto in this match. In my opinion, i don’t think this is the good odds and Liverpool have to play against Manchester United on next Saturday. So i suspect that Liverpool just can get a small win in this game.

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Take FC Porto + 1-1.5 (3 Star)


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