English Premier League- 22 Jan 00:00am Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur (Football tips)


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Team information:


  • The defender Maya Yoshida was suffered in hamstring strain, he still need to passed the medical report only can represent the club to play against the opponent.
  • The striker Charlie Austin was suffered in knee injury, he will be out of the team for a while.

Tottenham Hotspur

  • The captain goal keeper Hugo Lloris was infected flu and he getting fever, so he might doubt to play for this match.
  • The left back Daniel Rose , defender Toby Alderweireld and midfielder Harry Winks was suffered in injury and they couldn’t play in this match against Southampton. Alderweireld already start his training session, so he might play in the next FA cup match because he’s now not fit to play.

Team analysis:

Southampton was draw 2-2 against Watford. They get 5 draw and 5 lose games in recent 10 matches, beside won against Fulham in FA Cup, their form is seriously bad now. They are now at 17th position. For Tottenham, they had won 4-0 against Everton. They get 5 won and 1 draw match, they only lose to Manchester City and they are running in good form now. Tottenham was at 5th position. So this match the away team Tottenham give 0.5-1 balls away to Southampton. In my opinion, Southampton was never get a win match, so i think they can use this match to make a come back win or still remain draw again. This rate is too old for Tottenham as well. Basically Tottenham can give 1 balls above, which means that this odds is look like a trap, so i rather pick Southampton instead of Tottenham in this match.

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Take Southampton + 0.5-1 (4 Star)

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