English Premier League- 20 Jan 23:00pm Burnley vs Manchester United (Football tips)


This post i going to share this early English Premier League match for you guys, which is Burnley vs Manchester United. Let’s subscribe my blog to get the latest information about my football tips. If you are interested to play in football match, please sign up member at Tony88 Malaysia sports betting. This is one of the best online casino Malaysia that you can rely on! Now let me straight forward to tell you all how this match goes!

Team analysis:

Manchester United won 3-0 against Stoke City at last Premier League game. If you have watch this match, you may see the red devil seems like back to the right track and they did a really good job compare to previous few games. This match they have to play against Burnley in away game. I believe that the manager Jose Mourinho will use the same tactics and formation to play against the home team, i think they desperate to make a revenge game in this match because Manchester United lose against Burnley in the first leg match. For Burnley, they scored twice and win against Manchester United, they are one of the underrated team in this league. Currently they are at 7th position, so no doubt that how impress they play in this season. Although their attacking power is not as good as Manchester City and Liverpool, but their goal keeper Nick Pope was played a fantastic season since the number one goal keeper Tom Heaton was suffered injured. At the same time, the club team spirit and team work is really well. Burnley is not a one man team, so this might cause Manchester United problem, Mourinho must need to fix and think a way how to get a win match against Burnley. So this match Manchester United give 1 balls away to the home team Burnley. In my opinion, obviously The Red Devil want to win this match no matter what, but Burnley is a tough club in EPL as well. Anyway, i believe Manchester United will step up and win in this game!

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Take Manchester United – 1 (4 Star)

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