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Team information:

CD Leganes

  • The midfielder Darko Brašanac is fully recover from injury and he is included to play with first team squad in this match, but another midfielder Alexander Szymanowski still got no any updated news, it seems like he still not able to represent the club to play for this game.

Real Madrid

  • The striker Karim Benzema is back to the squad and start practice in training session with his team mate. For the captain Sergio Ramos is still individual training, so most probably Karim Benzema will play for first team squad in this match and the captain might need to wait for another games only can fit-to-play .
  • According to Spain news, The world class winger Cristiano Ronaldo is not including with the team. And some rumors says that the club not going to extend his contract and drop Ronaldo to the transfer market.
  • The goal keeper role is still Kiko Casilla to play in Spain Copa del Rey cup.

Team analysis:

CD Leganes is consider lucky to storm into Quarter final and they knocked out Villareal at previous Copa del Rey match. For Real Madrid, they seems like having a disaster season. They are fight for top 4 in this season and i suspect that they will focus on Spain del Rey Cup as well because this is important for them. Real Madrid give 1-1.5 balls away to the home team CD Leganes. If you look at the previous result, Real Madrid is not stable and good enough. Therefore i don’t think Real Madrid can win against the odds but this might a small win 1-0 or 2-1 for Real Madrid.

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Take CD Leganes + 1-1.5 (3 Star)

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