English Premier League- 15 Jan 00:00am Liverpool vs Manchester City (Football tips)


So here’s the early English Premier League match i would like to share with you guys, which is Liverpool vs Manchester City. Please subscribe my blog to get the updated football tips. Tony88 Malaysia sports betting is one of the best platform for you to place your bet. Don’t missed the good chance to claim the high bonus to get the best odds. Let me straight forward to talk about this game details.

Team information:

The magician Philippe Coutinho was transfer to Barcelona. But this season the most people talk about is Mohamed Salah instead of Coutinho. Since he is still at Liverpool, so don’t need to worries about this situation because this match the winger Mohamed Salah will feature in this match to play against Manchester City. At the same time, the defender got a new tough wall Virgil Van Dijk. He did scored against the rival game when play against Everton.

For Manchester City,  they need to play in 4 different competition. They already get the half cup of English Premier League title. They just won against Bristol City in EFL Cup. Although the striker Gabriel Jesus still not able to play with the club. But this is not much effect the team because the club still have Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling and Bernando Silva. If the rumors is real and Alexis Sanchez join Manchester City. Their attacking power is really horrible in English Premier League. But for the defend role, John Stones continuously make mistake in 2 match and the keeper Ederson could play in this match after rest for 2 match.

Team analysis:

Although Manchester City is did a good job in this season, but the attacking power of Liverpool isterrible as well. They have been never lose in home game. I think Liverpool will use this match to make a revenge. As you guys know Manchester City is a powerful attacking team and Liverpool is good to play for counter-attack, so i suspect that Liverpool have high chance to win in this game. But don’t forget, Manchester City won 5-0 against Liverpool in the first leg, so i think Liverpool will give all their best to win in this match. T

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Take Liverpool + 0-0.5 (5 Star)

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