AFC U23 Championship- 11 Jan 16:00pm Australia U23 vs Syria U23 (Football tips)


Good afternoon everyone, now here’s the Asia AFC U23 Championship match for you guys, which is Australia U23 vs Syria U23. Please subscribe my blog to get the updated information about the football tips. Tony88 Malaysia sportsbook is one of the best platform for you to place your bet. Don’t missed the chance now and start create your own sportsbook.

Team information:

Australia U23

  • Australia U23 has a lot of player from first team squad. For example goal keeper Paul Izzo and midfielder Stefan Mauk.
  • There is 7 player was play in Europe League, like Thomas Deng, Alex Gersbach and Stefan Mauk was play in AFC Champion at last year. Since the forward Jaushua Sotirio was at injury, so the coach select the replacement player Joe Champness to play in this match.

Syria U23

  • There is 21 player from local league. And there are 4 player was play in Kuwait, Lebanon, UAE and Jordan. The goal keeper Ahmad Kanaan and defender Momen Naji was the only player who play at AFC U23 Championship in last year.
  • The coach Mohand Al Faqir has tells the media that he understrand well how good is Australia. And we wish that his player could score an open goal in this game.

Team analysis:

Australia is one of the best team in AFC U23 Championship. For Syria, they definitely not as good as Australia U23, but their form is quite good in this recent games. This match Australia u23 give 0-0.5 balls away to Syria U23. If you look at the odds rate, obviously this is not a good rate for Australia U23, this is kinda low for them, but now the odds already raise to 0.5-1. In this situation, i will prefer Syria to steal the show!

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Take Syria + 0.5-1 (4 Star)

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