English Premier League- 30 Dec 23:00pm Liverpool vs Leicester City (Football tips)


This is the early English Premier League game i would like to share with you guys, which is Liverpool vs Leicester City. Please subscribe my blog to get the updated football tips and you can read all the information for you to know more about the game. By the way, Tony88 Malaysia sportsbook is one of the best online casino Malaysia, let’s sign up member and start to place your bet today! Now let me straight forward to intro this game with you guys.

Team analysis:

Liverpool has fire 5-0 against Swansea City at last Premier League game, it shows how terrible their attacking power. If Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino is selectedin first team squad, you don’t need to worry the team couldn’t convert the chances to become goal scoring. But the worst part of Liverpool is their defend role. It’s a good news for the club because the defender Virgil van Dijk transfer to Liverpool, so The Reds hope that the new player could lead the defend role become tougher. For Leicester City, this season they’ve become better. Currently they are at 8th position, at least they don’t need to fight for relegate. The key player Rihad Mahrez has gain back his form, this season he score more goals than last season. If he could maintain his form and can assist to the striker Jamie Vardy, then they have the chance to score against Liverpool. Leicester City consider one of the tough team in Premier League, you can see how they force a draw match when play against Manchester United. The keeper Kasper Schmeichel has perform well in this season, thei pair defender Harry Maguire and Wes Morgan do their job well too.

So how you see this match?Don’t forget Liverpool is play attacking soccer and Leicester City like to counter attack, i suspect this match will score a lot of goals and it going to be draw match!

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Take Leicester City + 1.5 (4 Star)

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