Italy Series A- 02 Dec 03:45am Napoli vs Juventus (Football tips)


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Team information:


  • After 14 match, Napoli had just lose 9 balls. They are the best defend team in Italy Series A.
  • The striker Arkadiusz Milik and defender Faouzi Ghoulam is going to missed the game due to injury problem.
  • At the same time, the manager Maurizio Sarri been selected to be the best manager of the year. But the coach didn’t attend the cremony because he need to prepare the match to against the Italy giant club Juventus.


  • Juventus couldn’t dominate in this season and currently they are at 3rd position.
  • The striker Gonzalo Higuaín could not play against his former club because he is still at injury list. But the good news is the subs striker  Federico Bernardeschi, midfielder Juan Cuadrado and the defender  Giorgio Chiellini can represent the club to play against Napoli.

Team analysis:

Today is the match of the day. Currently Juventus 4 points behind Napoli. Napoli was unbeaten in this season and Juventus didn’t perform well at this season, they already lose 2 game in this season, obviously Napoli is slightly better than Juventus. Napoli give 0-0.5 balls away to Juventus in this game. In my opinion, i suspect this is a draw match or Juventus have slightly high chance to win in this match. Why do i say so? If you look at the odds market, at the early market you can see the rate for Napoli is really better than Juventus. But the rate been changed now, it seems like bookie more prefer Juventus to win this game, neither do i. So i suspect that Juventus could make a controversy in this match!

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Take Juventus + 0-0.5 (5 Star)

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