UEFA Champion League- 22 Nov 03:45am Sevilla vs Liverpool (Football tips)


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Now here’s come the Champion League match, this is the first UEFA Champion League game i would love to share with you guys, which is Sevilla vs Liverpool. Please do subscribe my blog to take my football tips and prediction as reference. While if you want to bet on football match, Tony88 is the best platform that design for you all, let’s start your profit earning day in Malaysia sportsbook. So i am going to roughly state my point of view about this game.

Team analysis:

Sevilla get 7 points in group stage while Liverpool is get total 8 points. Sevilla is at 2nd position and Liverpool is top of the group stage. By the way, Spartak Moscow get 5 points and the team is 3 points distance away from Sevilla and Liverpool. Therefore, if Liverpool win in this match, they can straight qualify to the next Champion League game. The first leg game when Liverpool against Sevilla, Sevilla force a draw match against Liverpool. For Sevilla, they are always good in play in home match. You may say Liverpool have no any advantage in this game due to the previous results shown that Sevilla didn’t give the opponent Liverpool have much chance to shine when play against them in home game.

This match odds is level. This is a standard plate in this game. Liverpool is running in top form, they already have 4 unbeaten match record. In my opinion, i think Liverpool will continue their best form to get the best result in this game.

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Take Liverpool – level (5 Star)

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