World Cup Qualification- 13 Nov 01:00am Switzerland vs Northern Ireland (Football tips)


Good afternoon guys, here i am to give you something for free, which is World Cup qualification match Switzerland vs Northern Ireland. This is a 100% guarantee win tips for you all. Let’s subscribe my blog to find out more football tips and prediction. By the way, if you want to bet on football match, please join Malaysia sports betting. You can get the best odds and rate in Tony88 online casino Malaysia. Now let me start sharing this game details for you all.

Team information:


  • Switzerland has won 1-0 against Northern Ireland in away team at the first leg game, so they got no pressure to play in this match.
  • The value of Switzerland squad player worth up to 1.8 billion euro. Their opponent Northern Ireland squad valuer only worth 47 million euro. When you compare the team level, definitely Switzerland is better than Northern  Ireland.

Northern Ireland

  • The captain Steven Davies was perform well in the first leg game. At the same time, this is also hid 100 cap for national team.
  • Northern Ireland is one of the team make the most clean sheet game. They never allowed scoring goals in 7 match. Their defend role is quite tough.

Team analysis:

At first leg game Switzerland has won 1-0 against Northern Ireland, this is the advantage for the home team, if they win this match, then Switzerland have the advance to qualify the group stage game. For Northern Ireland, this is just another playoff match, but the home team form is better than away team.  This match Switzerland give 1 balls away to Northern Ireland. But since the odds keep increase, now the odds rate increase to 1-1.5. From my experienced talk, if the odds market raise, the chance to win is 100%, basically you can say that Northern Ireland is hopeless, my pick today is Switzerland, all in your money in this game, don’t missed out the good chance to earn extra income in this match!

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Take Switzerland 1-1.5 (5 Star)

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