World Cup Qualification- 12 Nov 03:45am Denmark vs Ireland (Football tips)


Here’s come the World Cup qualification match, which is Denmark vs Ireland. Let’s join my blog to read more updated football tips., if you would like to place your bet in football games, please visit to Malaysia sportsbook to find out more deal, there is various type of live game. Let’s register today and take the reward bonus to boost your capital! Now i am going to roughly share my point of view in this match.

Team analysis:

Denmark is at world ranking 19th position, they get 20 point in group stage match. While Republic of Ireland now at world ranking 26th position and they get 19 points at World Cup qualification group stage. This 2 team is not really have big gap. The home team Denmark has won 4 game and 1 draw game so far in 5 match, the team is on fire. For the away team Ireland get 2 win 2 draw and 1 lose game, they not really in good form.

This match Denmark give 0.5-1 balls away to Ireland. In my opinion, this is more than enough Denmark give this odds to the opponent Ireland, since the rate from 1.53 adjust to 1.73, this is quite reasonable. For the away team Ireland, i don’t think they have the ability to stop Denmark win this game. After i analyse this game,i have confident in Denmark, so just follow my prediction, let’s take Denmark to win money!

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Take Denmark – 0.5+1 (5 Star)

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