UEFA Champion League- 03:45am 02 Nov Liverpool vs Maribor (Football tips)


This post i going to talk about Champion League game. Here is the first game i would like to intro you guys, which is Liverpool vs Maribor. Please subscribe my blog and pay visit to Malaysia sports betting to place your bet today, you can claim high bonus to boost your capital! Click on register now to start your own sportsbook. Now i am going to simplify the game analysis before the match start, i wish you guys will love it.

Team analysis:

The first leg match while Maribor vs Liverpool, Liverpool fired 7-0 against Maribor in away game. Everyone realize that Maribor is not as good as Liverpool and they not even is the opponent for Liverpool. Lasst weekend Liverpool won 3-0 against Huddersfield in home game, their attacking power is on fire now. For Maribor only play once in away game and that match they lose 3-0 against Sevilla. Their defend role ability and level is just like that only. This game Liverpool give 3.5 balls away to the away team Maribor. When you look at the odds market, the winning rate is low, it seems like normal for people. But now the odds keep increasing, which means that bookie lose their faith and confidence on Liverpool. In my opinion, i will put my stake on Maribor. Liverpool have to score 4 goals only can win this match, this is not a good deal. So i suspect that this game you can try on the away team Maribor.

So, this is my analysis before the match start. I hope you guys will like it. Don’t forget to subscribe my blog to get more updated football tips and prediction. By the way, if you still search for online football betting page, Tony88 is one of the best platform for you guys to bet in live football match. If you interested, please come to join Malaysia sports betting today. Tony88 is the online casino Malaysia that you can rely on, have a nice day!

Take Maribor + 3.5 (4 Star)

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