World Cup UEFA Qualification: 06 Oct 02:45am England vs Slovenia (Football Tips)

epa04799398 England's Jack Wilshere (R) in action against Slovenian's Miso Brecko (L) during the UEFA EURO 2016 qualification soccer match between Slovenia and England in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 14 June 2015. EPA/ANTONIO BAT



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Finally the World Cup UEFA Qualification is around the corner, this post i going to talk about England vs Slovenia. Please subscribe my blog and get the updated football prediction and tips to give you a better option to make you easier to bet. If you’re still looking for online football betting page, Tony88 is one of the best online casino Malaysia, let’s join Malaysia sportsbook today! Now let me share you the game details.

England now 5 points leading and stay on top of the group stage. The last two game they just need to get 1 point then can qualified and get top one in group stage.

For the away team Slovenia, currently they are same point with Scotland and 1 points behind Slovakia. So the most important task for Slovenia is must get this 3 point and win in this game no matter what. Next match they need to against Scotland to play for the 6 points match.

This match England give 1.5 balls away to the away team Slovenia. In my opinion, the rate for England is slightly high. If you look at the group stage table, England have no pressure to qualified to enter World Cup in Russia. For Slovenia, although they need to keep the distance with Slovakia and England, but they seems like didn’t put so much hope in this game, but since the rate is high for England, so i think you guys can take Slovenia.

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Take Slovenia +1.5 (4 Star)

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